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Thread: Help with zelda twilight hack

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    Help with zelda twilight hack

    Hi all, today im going to rent the game so i can installed the twilight hack / Homebrew etc...

    What do i need and where can i get it?! i have 1.3 update on my wii. What is the best twilight hack to get and where can i get it?! also do i need to download a Boot loader or anything to play wii backups?! and where do i get that?! also is it possible to put the iso's of wii games on my 250GB Toshiba External hard drive and load the games straight from that?!


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    update to 3.2, or just do the lazy thing and get 3.4 then downgrade
    u cant that low, but beta 2 is 3.4 only beta 1 is the rest *requires 3.1+ if i recall*
    yes, gamma it works poorly, but its better than nothing
    no, its not
    ^ for all needed info

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    Hiya im pretty new to all this and didnt really understand ur last post?! you saying i should downgrade my wii and the install zelda twilight hack 3.4?! also how do i install gamma?! and where can i get it!? or does it come with the zelda twilight hack?!


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    He said you could upgrade to 3.4 firmware, Then use twilight hack to get homebrew channel, Then you use homebrew to downgrade to 3.2

    Your firmware is too low to allow it to just load up.

    So, Upgrade

    then use this tutorial

    it will also show you how to install gamma

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    Thanks pal


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