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Thread: White Wii For Sale Hard and Soft Modded

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    White Wii For Sale Hard and Soft Modded

    I have a white wii with system menu 4.1 with all the latest IOS and cIOS installed. It is hardmodded with a d2pro chip and soft modded. no games are included. Netflix channel and latest Wii Shop are installed. I also have 4 wii controllers(1 sealed), 4 nunchuks, 4 wii motion adapters (all brand new sealed), and 2 Guitar Hero Guitars. Everything is in great condition and works fully with no issues. I just don't have time to play it anymore. This is one of the older Wii's that was bought back in 2008/2009 sometime not sure of the exact date, but bootmii was installed as boot2 on here for brick protection. I am asking for $325 for the whole bundle or your best offer. PM me or leave a message in the post. Will try to post pictures later. There are no scratch marks or any defects on any accessory or the wii itself. Will also include sensor bar, power cable, 1 composite cable, and 2 RCA cables for the wii.
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