As the title says, the forwarder channel only finds the games after using th sd card wiiflow version (249). When I load it it tells me to put the usb in port 0 (which is there before I even turn the wii on). Then it goes to the screen that says it can't find the games, only gives me the option to install games or select partition. I'm on fat32 and everytime I click to select partition it only gives me the option of a box and I can't change it. Using from sd, it always works.

Its a bit annoying not being able to directly used the forwarder. I deleted all ini files multiple times and it still doesn't work. It just doesn't seem to save the settings for some reason. The files areboth on usb and the sd card so its not misplaced. Very rarely does it find it without launching the sd app first. Its very weird and I don't see why this is happening. Any ideas?