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Thread: Whats up all, hope everyones New Year is going well!!

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    Whats up all, hope everyones New Year is going well!!

    Hello everyone, just joined the site a few weeks ago and this is my first post. Thanks trekster, I found a very good tutorial and the files need from EmperorOfCanada, it was good stuff and fixed alot of the problems I was having...Thanks...Cronic
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    Hello and welcome to the forums

    To get wads to work you'd best dowgrade to 3.2 for that.

    1. I dont think so, It will just reset your settings in options, Although someone can confirm that

    2. You need to downgrade for wads ^^

    3. As above, Once you have 3.2 you wont have an issue

    4. Verbatim works very well for me and has for others, Do a search on that one

    As for downgrading check this link out

    and for wads

    and may as well check this one out too while we are at it


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    Thumbs up well i dont know anything about that but

    Hello & Welcome to Wiihacks you Should read the rule's if you have not already Happy New Year to you 2

    >IT'S Time To Die SpiderMan!!!

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    Brisbane Australia...wouldnt be anywhere else....
    Mine is going fantabulous so far weather is sunny, wii is backing up as i speak what more do we need hehe


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