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Thread: How to install hbc to 3.4u :(

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    How to install hbc to 3.4u :(

    i have the problem 3.4u version, i have did everything the web taught me for hours but i still getting the boot.dol not found and unable to load hence hang there. could anybody help me? thanks

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    thxs bro, i have also tried that thread but still cannot be installed. It keep saying cant find .dol and .elf files, then the program hang there

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    make sure to actually read it all, and download the files

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    erm.....yes i have downloaded the files and i actually followed it step by step.....but i still cannot load the hbc. it still cannot find the dol or the elf file

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    can anyone help me? i followed each and every steps in the dummy guide but i still getting the error msg saying failed to read boot.elf (-1)! No code found to load, hanging.


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