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Thread: Soft Modded wii, Few Questions for the pro's

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    Question Soft Modded wii, Few Questions for the pro's

    Hi, Just researching when i found this site on soft modding etc.
    I have a few questions about playing the games etc.
    I have used muaifrogs soft mod any wii, which is a great TuT.

    Not sure if i should have done this but:
    1. I had installed darkcorps ordeal at first on a 4.3u SM, and still had no luck on disc loader working on burnt games. (Stupid me was using DVD+R's though lol.
    I used Muaifrog's how to: after that which seem to do good except on serveral games Will load,start and always freeze, or some will black screen etc.
    (im using a 16gb sdhc card atm, which works just dance 3 works great) SO should i have done something different instead of Do the softmod any wii over darkcorps?
    Darkcorps didnt work so well anyways or i thought. I have a Chipset that can play the burnt discs. Dont care about the discs going to get my daughter a hard drive soon, but lots games she wants freezes, or black screens.
    Res Evil 4 wii edition Black screens, RES Evil zero and Res evil Archives loads then freezes, Driver san fran, you can play but when switch to diff feature in game it freezes, COD MW3 Freezes on Loading screen.
    But So far Just dance works great no issues on the 4.1u after his tut.

    Any ideas would be appreciated, such as can i uninstall all and start fresh ?

    Also can i update my SM back to 4.3 and still have it with muai's TuT?
    Currently searching how to updae my 4.1u to 4.3u soft modded wii but no luck yet. or is there a different site?

    Thank you and Glad to meet everyone.

    BTW Xbox 360 modding is way easier lol. soft modding easy but getting games to play is a pain. Been messing with it for 4 days and kinda getting frustrated now lol.

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    Arrow System check added. Thx

    Hope to get some insight on this just did a sys check so heres info.


    Hopefully i can get some insight on this setup or something thanks.

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    Syscheck looks good, are u playing them through neogamma? or disc channel? Some of the games mentioned are problematic ones which require u to change cios which neogamma doesnt do naturally, u will have less trouble when usb loading

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    If you followed mauis guide (which it looks like you did) and you installed the patched 4.1 SM then you do not want to update the SM will brick. Did you read that in the guide? Most of the games you listed have guides because they are problematic games.

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    Thx for thereplies, as far as reading guides etc. i went thru so many it isn't funny lol. but yes i figured it was a cios thing, as i found the ordeal for COD MW3 still tryingto figure out ones need for Res evils etc. Any direction to point me to there?
    Also, in Configureable usb loader it will only let me load i think from ios 247 to 250 and the 222 , 223, 224 yal and some other name by them, not sure what those mean. still checking around but thank you for confirming what i thought it may be.

    BTW we dont use discs for the wii atm using a sd card for games until the HDD arrives.


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