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Thread: WasabiDX , 4.3u , and D4 drive?

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    WasabiDX , 4.3u , and D4 drive?

    Will the Wasabi DX work with a 4.3u firmware wii and a D4 drive? At least I am pretty sure it's D4 since looking at pictures, mine has what looks like the 'much smaller board'.

    I ask, because I put the Wasabi DX in and it still works fine for playing original games, but backups do not work. I have discs that worked with this wasabi in an older wii that I know work, so I know it's not the discs.

    I even tried burning the wasabi v3 disk, but it does not recognize that either. Just get the black screen with disc error / eject / turn off - same with the backup disks.

    I can get in to the wasabi menu (eject 3 times) no problem.

    Looking up my serial on drive keys shows:
    • There is a 75% chance the chipset is Combined GC2-D3 with no drive chip.
    • And there is also a 25% chance the chipset is GC2R-D2A

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    It would seem you have the D3-2 drive, which does NOT play backups.

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    So I could either get a replacement drive of the proper kind, or a different product like wode?
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