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Thread: Zelda skyward sword, instructual video error

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    Zelda skyward sword, instructual video error

    I wanted to copy zelda in to my HDD like the rest of my games. But strangely when I try to press - at the meny to start the istructual video the wii goes to the wii menu?
    Strange. Im using USB loader and have recenty(3 months ago) softmoded the wii by Mauifrogs guide.

    Any ideas?

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    in usb loader/game settings, load alternate dol, think it's called "player"

    load the game and watch the video, will probably reset system after that

    then, go back and change dol to previous setting, and game should run fine

    If using CFG-USBLoader, just load the game after changing the setting, without saving, this way you will watch the video, it will reset the system when done, and you can just reload the game without having to change the dol back
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