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    SD Card Contents Deleted

    Hello everyone, I hope this is in the right section, if not, could a mod please move this to the correction section if possible. Thanks.

    I need some help on a wii that I soft modded for my wifes friend a little over a year ago. From what I've been told my wife, her friends youngest child rented or borrowed Just Dance 3 and wasn't able to play the game because it was telling them they had to do some kind of software update Also I'm being told they are also having a similar issue using their netflix streaming disk. The friends son thought that he could simply delete the contents from the SD card and that would un-mod the wii. Now we all know it's not quite that simple. I'm not even sure what files I used to mod their wii as it's been over a year since I did it. I do know that they still have priiloader installed, however, they do not have the homebrew channel available/installed. I'm not sure if this makes a difference or not. So my question is this, can I simply re-soft mod an already soft modded wii with newer up-to-date files/applications to allow them to play new release retail disc based games and use their netflix streaming disc again? Or will this cause serious issues/brick the machine?

    Thanks in advance for those that respond.

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    Just re do the tutorial and you will have all the necessary files and a VERY up to date Wii!

    Pay close attention to the Priiloader section that disables disk and online up dates and this should not happen again
    Problem with this place is the tutes are that damn good that one could end up not learning as deep as they should... Dont just rely on the tutorials understand your Wii...

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    Thanks for the help ish!


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