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Thread: New KIRBY Nintendo Wii Title Due For European Release This Month

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    New KIRBY Nintendo Wii Title Due For European Release This Month

    Following a North American release back in October, the new Kirby title for the Nintendo Wii – Kirby’s Return To Dream Land – will be released in Europe on 25th November, retitled KIRBY’S ADVENTURE WII.
    The game comes hot on the heels of last month’s release of Kirby Mass Attack for the Nintendo DS. It features a return of several of the series’ traditional gameplay elements that were left out of the 2010 Wii release Kirby’s Epic Yarn, including Kirby’s ability to gain special powers by inhaling enemies and his ability to float through the air.The side-scrolling platformer also features 4-person cooperative multiplayer gameplay similar to New Super Mario Bros, where players can choose between Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight or Waddle Dee as playable characters.
    The game has been generally well-received in the US, currently holding a Metacritic score of 81.

    source: whatculture
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    Yeah, I've been playing this new one for a few days now and its pretty cool. I was never a kirby fan nor did I play the epic yarn much. But I actually think its decently fun and semi addicting. The inhaling of the enemies and being able to transform with their abilities is neat. I'm currently on world 4 stage 1 or 2 I think and I'm not the type to play most games all the way through. So something about it has me playing it more then I usually do other titles. If you haven't already got it, pick it up and try it out, its fun for all ages.

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    Do anyone know if kirby dream land & kirby adventure are the same game but different title ?

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    I'm not sure but if you have Wii Motion Plus and have a Internet connection you can download Kirby channel:

    1.Go to Wii Shop in the Home Screen
    2.Click Start Shopping( I Think )
    3.Then Go On "Channels"
    4.Find The Kirby Channel!

    Also It's Free :-)


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