When it comes to games and the console that they support you need the likes of EA on the same page, itís for this reason why they have been working closely with the Wii U to help improve its online capabilities with the use of Origin. However, thereís no getting away from the fact that if the next-gen console has Steam, then it could become a day 1 purchase for more consumers.
This news has not been officially announced as of yet, but had been let slip by an intern working for EA. Nintendo World Report has learned that Nintendo has already been getting help from EA for their online gaming system, but we have to wonder if the deep integration of Origin is the key to success?
Itís said that the new features, such as video and voice chat support is far more relaxed with EAís Origin than it is with Xbox Live, as we all know how strict Microsoft is. The reason of the flexibility with Origin is because itís what developers asked for, which in turn will only help to benefit you the gamer Ė well that is the idea.
There have been suggestions that if the Nintendo Wii does support Origin and not Steam, then some gamers will not even give the next-gen console the chance to prove itself. Can the choice of online services truly affect how one feels about a console?