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Thread: The new redesigned Family Edition Wii console - dismantled - photos

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    The new redesigned Family Edition Wii console - dismantled - photos

    Just thought I'd post this since there hasn't been much information about the new redesigned Wii.

    Released in the UK and currently 89 in Asda, the Wii Family Edition comes in white with Wii Sports, Wii Party and RemotePlus, Nunchuck and PSU/sensor bar/leads.

    GameCube support, the vertical stand and the sensor bar stand are no longer included.

    The console runs 4.3E firmware and can be softmodded with LetterBomb (and presumably any other 4.3E exploits).

    The model number has changed to RVL-101 and the serial begins with K:

    Some news articles were saying it's been made slimmer, this is not the case. The console is exactly the same size as previous models and can still stand vertically if preferred:

    There's a plastic panel which covers the now unused GameCube ports:

    The DVD drive seems to be a variant of the D4 with an IC missing, presumably GameCube related:

    The GameCube port headers are still on the motherboard and there's a new port in place of the GC memory slots, presumably for diagnostics:

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    Thanks much for posting this. This is awesome info.



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    thanks for the info, great post and pics
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature

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    Awesome! Thanks a lot mate.

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    Hello everybody, i'm new here, i'm from Chile and I have a question about this thread.

    Are both cases the same? I have a Wii Family Edition black, and I wanna change his case for a White or transparent case. The case of the old Wii fits in my Family Edition?

    Sorry if my English is bad...

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    hello. can u post a good pcb photo comparison? i want see new wii family edition motherboard

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    intresting. i would guess that the plug right near the gamecube memory card port would be for putting it into diagnostic mode, like savemii does using the gamecube port/memory card port. wonder if there will be a new version of savemii comming out now

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