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Thread: How do I run GC games on my soft-modded Wii w/ a blank SD card???

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    How do I run GC games on my soft-modded Wii w/ a blank SD card???

    Ok, here's the deal. I looked at all these tutorial guides for being able to run GC backup games on my Wii, but nothing pertains to my unique set-up, and it's like I have to go through one guide, then another for this, another for that, etc..... I'd like a nice, one-stop answer with links to guides I need on how to do this, please.

    My Wii stats are: 4.1U wii, Homebrew Channel 1.0.6 (10561 v19.26), NeoGamma R7 IOS249 (Rev 14)

    As you can see, I successfully soft-modded my Wii some time ago, BUT my SD card is completely blank. Using a blank SD card and knowing the above stats, how do I put a Gamecube Launcher onto my Wii??? I'll either accept a NeoGamma method (if I have to update NeoGamma, also include how to do that off a blank SD card) OR putting a channel up through Homebrew.

    Please help!!

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