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Thread: Buying a new Wii

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    Buying a new Wii

    I'm looking to buy a new wii for cheap during the walmart black friday sale. I was hoping that I could soft mod it using one of the sites on this site, but I would like to make sure of what version firmware a new and out of the box wii has so I don't end up buying one by mistake and end up finding out that it has an uncracked firmware to it.

    If anyone knows and could answer me, it would be appreciated.

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    All wiis can be hacked, but new wiis can only play backed up games from an external hard drive since new hardware prevents backup disc loading. If you have an external hard drive or will get one, happy black friday hunting. Watch out for the old ladies with stun guns, lol.

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    If anything i'd look for an older wii bundle (one that has the picture of the wii sitting vertically). The ones where they sit horizontally don't have backwards compatibility with gc games. I know it's not a huge thing...but since they both go for the same price personally speaking i'd rather get the one with gc compatibility.

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    Thanks for the input guys. I'll look around for an older model, but the walmart sale still sounds like something I could jump on.

    Hope I manage to make it there in time though. XD


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