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Thread: Wii games go black screen after softmod

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    Wii games go black screen after softmod

    Hi guys,

    So my friend soft modded my wii about 1 year ago, everything was going great until I accidentally did an update. I lost the ability to play DVD-r games after that!

    So I followed the instructions here:

    After that, whenever I load either an original or copied games in either the copy channel or the original box where the original games come up, the screen goes black after I press start.

    I tried to get access to the SD card, but it now seems that I have read only rights to it after the last soft mod!

    Please help! (

    Kinda new to this (noob) so please go easy on me!

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    Make sure the little lock on the side of your sd card is not engaged, then follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide.


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