I feel i have have just completed fooked my wii up.

Firstly have have been away from the mod seen for a few years now its all changed, i had to dust of the wii again as i decided to give back to nintendo and i pre-ordered zelda skyward sword.

However it arrived a day earlier (today) very excited it asked me to update my wii i thought what the heck my modding days are over and nothing else on wii i want to play it would be shelved afterwards.

The update failed from the disk tried from the internet epic fail, my wii is running 4.0e firmware so i thought its prob the homebrew channel etc blocking the update and i need to reformat my wii to get rid and start a fresh but nope same problem.

Now looking at other threads people running the game via launches but im trying to load my sd card via the home menu and my wii crashes so now i cant access homebrew etc as ive deleted it and cannot run update or access my sd card without it freezing

Any help please!