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Thread: NTSC games look bad on PAL wii launching through cfg usb loader

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    NTSC games look bad on PAL wii launching through cfg usb loader

    I've noticed that when I load a PAL game the images are much sharper than when I load an NTSC one and force the region in cfg. This is probably a retarded question (as most of mine usually are) but is it possible to force borders or something so the image isn't being "stretched" ? I'm presuming this is what is causing the bad quality ? I have some games I've bought on import that I've put onto USB then subsequently when released in the UK I've bought the PAL version which definitely looks better (both being ripped to HD and run via cfg, the USA version with the region set to GAME DEFAULT, no other options checked)

    I enjoy the Cabela hunting games and always get them but the last one I only have the NTSC disc (but I get another gun so that's cool) as it's not out in Europe yet - but when I play this game the graphics are really not good because it's running fullscreen NTSC on a european tv (I think?). What I mean by "not good" is not black and white or bad vertical hold or unplayable problems like that - I mean just things look a lot more jaggy, logos with much more artifacts, text harder to read and overall there seems to be a kind of weird grid overlay filter, like some image quantization or suchlike.

    Does anyone know of any options or homebrew that will enable me to force borders or somehow display the games without this annoying problem ? The wii isn't the best visual clarity anyway and this issue is eating into my enjoyment of thoughtless animal genocide on dangerous hunts 2012.

    EDIT: I should also mention that although I say cfg usb loader, the same problem happens in usb loader gx when I change region to game default.
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