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Thread: Burning a Dual Layered Disc Properly?

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    Burning a Dual Layered Disc Properly?

    I do notice there are few threads such as this, but they don't nearly help me with my problem.

    Rather the fact that I can't play my disc, I have trouble burning it. Every time I use IMGburn, the process stops about midway and attempts to restart the burn about 20 times. Note that I do have the dual layer break set to 2084960, I'm unable to change book types and I'm burning at 2.4x speed. It doesn't help that I'm using a horrible brand of DVD (Memorex DVD+R DL).

    I attempted to use Nero, and simply burned the game without setting up anything at all. That didn't work.

    So, what is the best way to burn a Dual Layered game? More specifically Brawl. I'd like to use IMGburn but it's of no use. So if there's some sort of settings in Nero, I'd greatly appreciate it. If all else fails, looks like I'll have to use the DVD5 version...

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    ImgBurn, with layer break set to 2084960 and using a good DVD-R is what I'd recommend

    Although, I'd recommend not using DVDs at all and stick with USB Loading. DVD loading is slow, inefficient and sometimes just doesn't work due to media issues.

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    I do have a back up onto my USB. But I can explain all with two words;

    Brawl Plus. Unfortunately I haven't gotten this to work via USB, only disc. Hence why I'm attempting to burn a copy. But like I said, if all else fails I'll live with a DVD5 copy.

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