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Thread: Dumping and Burning Games using a Mac...

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    Question Dumping and Burning Games using a Mac...

    I bought the LG - GDR-8164B DVD reader and an USB 2.0 enclosure and plan on using virtual PC with Windows XP pro to try and dump games I am not sure if this is going to work or not...

    Does anyone else have any ideas with using the Mac environment for this?...

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    I want to do the same too. any help would be appreciated. Thank

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    your probably right about not being able to burn straight with mac because the programs that support the ripping software are built for a windows enviornment. You can however run bootcamp on your mac or virtual pc to get it to work. The exe files for dumping are on torrents under wii utilities or something like that. I can post the link if you are still interested.

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    Us Where?

    Would you mind telling my where you got the enclosure? I've been looking one for a long time and its the only thing keeping me from achieving my Wii's dreams of playing backups......

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    sure post the link..would like to try it

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    Us Yeah!

    I want the link too.
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    i have used vmware and ran windows on my imac and it worked fine but it seemed to take longer then using a standard windows machine


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