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Thread: Wii Setting Bar disappear

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    Unhappy Wii Setting Bar disappear

    Hi guys, my first post here. I'm totally new to wii mods world. All these while, my brother in law was the one meddling my wii for me. All i know is that my wii is a modded during purchase and i have been playing it for 3 yrs now without a prob.

    Today, my son accidentally click the system update and my whole changed. Now my wii cant play games, even original games. And the wii setting bar is gone. I cant get in touch with my BIL now so help is unavailable. I dont know wat seems to be the problem. Is there anything i can do to restore everything back to normal? Just to at least play my games.

    i've just check some info on my wii. On the HBC top right hand corner, it says
    IOS36 v12.18

    I remember that mine was a 4.3 but cant remember the alphabet, either E or U

    hope this info helps

    I just did another check. Now it says 3.4U. I dont know how it change from 4.3 Hoping someone can guide me on the things i need to do
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    Sounds like your wii mod is outdated. System Menus do not just downgrade themselves so are you sure it is 3.4?
    Normally downgrading like that would brick your wii...

    Look at the mod any wii guide and uograde you mod...

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    hi narse, thanx for the reply. how do we check the the system? i know that it was originally 4.3 cause i saw that before. now when i check, it says 3.4U. when u mean brick, does it means it cant function at all? right now my wii can be switched on. but just cant play the games.

    regarding the mod any wii, so do i need to base it on 4.3 or 3.4 versions?

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    To check the System Menu click the wii symbol on the bottom left of the wii menu and select system settings and in the top right hand corner it will display what system menu I.e 4.1E or 4.3E etc


    E = Europe
    U = USA
    J = Japanese
    K = Korean

    When we say brick yes it means that you can not access the system menu due to system files being corrupt.

    What ever system menu the settings is stating you are on you then follow the instructions for that system menu number..

    If you can't get in to the system settings menu then you are semi bricked. To find out what system menu you are on then use MMM (multi mod manager) through the hbc. Go into mmm -->With the D-Pad scroll down to Wii System Information and it should say in there. MMM ----> One click file hosting:

    1.0-2.2u/e/j/k wii

    3.0-4.2u/e/j/k wiis- BannerBomb

    4.3-LetterBomb- No Game Disc Required

    4.3u/e/j/k Disc Exploits

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    i'm very happy at the moment. did the "softmod any wii" and things seems to be getting better. now i noticed my SM is 4.1U. i install a game to my hd using usbloader. and i was able to play it via my hd. but theres a bit of prob with other games.

    for eg. this game ultimate band.
    previously before this prob, i have to use wiigator to play this game. my BIL says that my wii is ntsc. the game is PAL. so i have to use wiigator to play it. but i try installing to my hd just now. it install successfully but the game just freeze during black screen upon loading. tried using wiigator but it doesnt work too. is there anything that i miss to play the game?

    many thanx again for helping. really2 appreciate it...


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