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Thread: [3DS] Two New Trailers Released For MARIO KART 7

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    [3DS] Two New Trailers Released For MARIO KART 7

    Nintendo have released two brand new trailers for the upcoming MARIO KART 7 in Japan.

    The first is a basic TV ad which shows off several of the new tracks of the game and its cast of characters, as well as the shiny 60 fps visuals which work even when online or playing in 3-D. The tracks look as weird and wonderful as always, with one set within the underground pipe sections of Super Mario (Piranha Slider) and another having the characters racing along Piano keys (Music Park).

    The second trailer is a 4 minute complete overview of the game, running through its comprehensive features. Like the first we get a good look at several of the games 32 tracks, but more interesting is a emphasis on its kart customization options which include unlockables and changeable parts and how these can help win races, as is shown through the use of big wheels to get through muddy courses.

    We also get to see some of the new characters like Metal Mario, and the new power-ups and items including the Tanooki Tail (sorry PETA) and the satisfyingly destructive fire flower. Its also worth watching for a good look at the online component which is sure to make the 3DS unputdownable.

    Finally, Spotpass features are also shown off in the video, which allows for users to swap race times and ghost data, giving you the opportunity to compete with a random stranger you passed on the way to work.


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