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Thread: Wad installation question

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    Wad installation question

    I m pretty sure this has been asked a thousand times Installed homebrew no problem Have a couple utilities running ok Have attempted to use Wad installer that homebrew browser lets you download All the wads I have attempted to install with the wad installer says something along the lines of installing ticket failed (-1210) or something like that. No matter weather its an N64 snes nes wad i get this message. I am acctuly running homebrew on the second newest firmware upgrade 3.3 or whayever it is was hoping to get feed back dont want to downgraded been reading around and seen bricked wiis after downgrade with wad installations hoping someone could give some info

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    try this
    wad and everything from there

    and remember it requires a patch to work on 3.3+

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    wow fast reply thank you very much!!


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