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Thread: Copyrigjt laws

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    Copyrigjt laws

    Let me first off state what I would like for this thread. I know that this Thread could lead to heated debate and the such. I don't want that. I want this thread to be a decent conversation that clears up questions. That being said, what exactly are the copyright laws? I know we can't download games and burn them. But can we download games we already own and burn them? What about old games/ROMs? Are they considered "abandonware"?

    These are just my questions. Please give answers preferably with laws. I have seen differing opinions and would like to know the truth. If the thread needs to be closed, I understand.


    P.S Moderators, please fix my misspelled thread title. I can stand myself misspelling stuff. Lol
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    Yeah, we don't have lawyers working the forums.
    As it applies to this site is all I can speak on behalf of, and really just a means to protect us from being shut down, as it is frequently trolled by Nintendo and many others.

    Noone here really cares what anyone does, or how they attain their software. It is simply not permitted to assist individuals who openly admit to doing so.
    There is no way to prove a person is backing up a game that they own by downloading it, and it really makes no sense for them to do so, when a simple methodology exists to do it with their original disks. So threads are closed and/or infractions given to those who admit to or assist in helping those that give the impression of downloading copywritten software period.

    Yes this also applies to roms for the emulators as well.

    What's really stupid is when ppl think they are being clever by providing direct links. That way ppl that are lurking the forums on behalf of nintendo, get the website responsible for hosting the files.
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    Thanks OddGriffin. Yeah, I've just seen differing views and I just want to know what is real and what's made up. I don't intend to ever get this site shutdown I like it too much for that!

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    I'm the big N's secret Asian (agent) spy. O_o.

    But for real though odds right. We don't really care what you all do, we just won't support.. we enforce the rules and copy right laws (including gray areas) simply to protect the site and and those that contribute their work here. Some users just don't care and like to argue about it but its pretty black and white.


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