The mobile developers at Applidium have successfully managed to crack Apple’s personal assistant Siri protocol.

Cracking the Siri protocol means that any developer can create an app for multiple platforms including Windows Mobile, Android, all Mac and iPhone devices, among others. As a lot of us know, Siri communicates with Apple via the web to provide those sultry answer about locations to bury dead bodies. It seems that Apple didn’t do enough to protect access to its secure server. After faking an SSL certificate and iPhone 4S-like headers, they were able to see how Siri actually worked.

After decompressing the message from the body, they realized that Siri sends a compressed version of the audio clip recorded from the request, to the server. Also the device has to send an identifier (unique to each iPhone 4S) to validate the legitimacy of the message. It seems that you use an iPhone 4S’s identifier on other devices, but this means that you need to have (or steal) an iPhone 4S from someone to obtain that unique identifier.

They have extensively documented their discoveries, and have allowed anyone to download the source code, so that means other developers can use it to get to work at developing a non-iPhone 4S based Siri app.

The fun may come to an end soon though, because Apple has promised that Siri would be 4S exclusive for a long time. Obviously they can’t take go back on their promises or else the hive mind might get mad.