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Thread: Apple iPad falls 1,000 feet

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    Apple iPad falls 1,000 feet

    Apple iPad falls 1,000 feet - and not only is the screen in one piece, it's still playing a movie

    A man prepares to hurl an iPad case to the ground from 1,300 feet up. Surprisingly, the fragile gizmo survives
    A fall from a table can be enough to shatter the fragile screen of an Apple iPad - and woe betide anyone who decides that the device might be able to survive a plane journey in the hold.

    But the gadget sadists at G-Form have thrown an iPad out of a plane from 1,300 feet - and it not only survived, the film on screen was still playing.Previously, G-Form - who make rather unattractive, but undeniably tough cases for iPads - had thrown an iPad from 500 feet, and dropped a bowling ball on one.But this test, choreographed using altimeters, is wince-inducing to watch.
    G-Form cases are far thicker than ordinary iPad cases, and made from hi-tech materials that deform on impact.
    The outsides are shrouded in military ballistic material and zipped up.
    The iPad cases are built to withstand falls straight down onto the glass face.Earlier G-Form demonstration videos have shown them withstanding sharp blows from kung fu masters as well as high-speed impacts.The company also makes knee and elbow impact pads for cyclists.

    The G-Form case deforms on impact, and can absorb powerful impacts even with the glass side down

    Hard drive company iOsafe make a hard drive that is actually bulletproof, and Rolex's Deepsea Sea Dweller is waterproof to 12,000ft, a depth at which any human being would be crushed flat.

    The iPad is prepared for its 1,000ft plunge to earth: The not-exactly-slim case is designed to withstand high-speed impacts

    Both iPads are still working after a 1,300ft drop: The parachutists dropped them at precisely the right height using an altimeter

    source: dailymail

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    Well; if it didn't look so awful; I'd definitely be getting one of these... :L


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