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Thread: Formatted Wii, horrible idea

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    Formatted Wii, horrible idea

    Ok, so I felt like actually playing some Wii for the first time in a while. I wanted to go get Skyward Sword, but before dropping my cash on it I wanted to make sure it'd play.

    My Wii was running hackmii with priiloader. It's been so long since I've hacked it, so I don't remember anything too specific. I formatted the SD card and formatted the Wii's internal storage to make it a vanilla 4.0E Wii. The formatting was done using the regular Wii menu. I tried to update, I figured if I ever want to go back to using homebrew I'll just use the 4.3 exploits. I proceeded to hit system update and then I get slapped with error code 32004. Apparently just formatting doesn't erase the hackmii installation. I have no idea what to do now. I want a stock wii.

    I tried to run bannerbomb with all versions available and reinstall hackmii to use a guide I found online. Bannerbomb wouldn't work. I tried all the versions on the site. Kept freezing. My Wii is a Pal unit from 2007.

    Can anyone help me get to 4.3? (pal, virgin)

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    If you have bricked your Wii or have a severe issue that is causing things not to work correctly, you may benefit from using the NAND formatter. This really should be your LAST option after all else fails, as there are some downsides/side effects.

    Side effects
    Although the NAND formatter is a great tool and can fix pretty much any software issue, there are some side effects.

    After using the formatter, the file permissions on the NAND are not as they were originally from Nintendo. This generally isn't an issue, but if you are trying to format your Wii before sending the console to the Big N (not something I support, you voided the warranty by choice) they could possibly see this and reject your claim. Also Any Region Changer doesnt like these new permissions and will give you an error - ISFS_SETATTR -102.

    If you wanted to region change a Wii that has been NAND formatted. You would need to reformat the Wii and create a setting.txt with the new region.
    I took this quote from the "Using NAND Formatter to completely Re-install your Wii" guide. This is the reason we do not recommend members to format their wii, unless there are no other options left. We also do not recommend members to viriginize their wii, because it is a potentially dangerous process which could potentially brick the wii.

    I would recommend you use the softmod any wii guide (link in sig) to get your wii working again. It seems like priiloader is still installed, so you could try to use that to reinstall the hbc. If you run into trouble, let us know.
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    I will try that now and let you know how it goes. Actually, I don't know if priiloader is there. The wii looks perfectly virgin, as in you can't tell it's been hacked. It isn't bricked, but I'll follow your guide.

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    It works. Everything is running fine thanks to that guide. I'm on 4.1, although I'd rather be on 4.3. It's fine though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingFaisal View Post
    It works. Everything is running fine thanks to that guide. I'm on 4.1, although I'd rather be on 4.3. It's fine though.
    Why would you rather be on 4.3? Because it's a higher number than 4.1? 4.3 adds nothing over 4.1 except an attempt by nintendo to defeat homebrew.


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    Hello I have exactly the same problem that you have had however using the same soft mod guide I'm still unable to get it to run both the 3.2-4.2 or 4.0-4.2 versions first one the screen just went black and froze and the second just crash when the boot.dol try's to load.

    I feel I have totally ruined my wii, Im running 4.0e and tried to update from the retail version of skyward sword which fails most likely because it knows I'm running custom OS so I reformatted the wii and now I have nothing, seems to freeze when I try and access the SD card.

    Any advice please?


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