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Thread: Hello to all comunity

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    Hello to all comunity

    Good afternoon in my timezone.

    My name is Pedro , i already soft mod my Wii and for now is working great , i followed a lot of instructions from this site and forum. THANKS.
    I am also interested in start coding to Wii , or try it .
    Before this presentation i posted two new threads regarding Wii questions , and the admin closed both threads and call me "pirate".
    I am very confused because both questions were similar to dozens of questions in the forum , and i never saw those threads closed or the people being called by "pirate". My question is why i had a different treatment ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello Pedro

    For 1 you didn't even know of a program that can covert an iso to wfbs because that was the question you asked. This is plain and simple you do not get wii games in .iso or .wbfs format and as seen as you did not know how to convert it to a wbfs format and that you told us you obtained the file from somewhere. This leads me to think that you have downloaded the game illegally.

    Threads that we believe are to do with Piracy we do close down so I am not sure what thread you are talking about??..
    Also you say similar threads but I guess the wording is exactly the same as yours.

    Read the forum rule about our stance on Piracy.
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