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Thread: awards, and medals to earn =o, read how!

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    awards, and medals to earn =o, read how!

    well, as ive said twice now... we recently added the "social pages" for people to have casual talks about things that interest them or anything really, and it has had some decent activity, but i want to get them roaring =o, and beat out the support forum =x...

    so for the next week or two *based off intrest*, anyone who gets really involved in that area, can earn a special medal, or award for being "sociable." that basicly means they get one of those fancy things next to their name like me :3 so give it a go...

    in addition soon i will be having a Mini event =o, so keep your eyes open, it might be one of many depending on intrest, more details soon! :3


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    /prepares for a lot of spam and post-whores in those sections. aha


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