Good Afternoon in my timezone.

I am using USB LOADER GX to play games in my Wii.I have an External HDD with two partitions (one in the NTFS and another in WBFS).All the games in the WBFS partition were ISO files and i have copy them to that partition through WBFS Manager 3.0. Now i have a game that is not an iso file but instead is a WBFS file. I already read that i can transform the WBFS file to an iso image through another application , but i read to that it is possible to play directly with that file.
What is the best option ?
1)Transform the WBFS file to iso , if yes what is the best program ?
2) Play directly with the WBFS file ? If yes , how can i do it ? What configurations should i do in the USB LOADER GX , to detect the WBFS file in the other partition (NTFS) ?

Thanks in advance.

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