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Thread: Installing Homebrew Channel

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    Installing Homebrew Channel

    I have 3.4u and I did download the Homebrew Channel but, I couldn't get Geck OS to work on it so I deleted and tried to reinstall the Homebrew Channel. Now every time I try to install it I get the message that it didn't load the code for the boot.elf file. I have no idea how to fix this, please help! Thanks
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    So where do I move the .dol file to?

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    replace the elf with a dol

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    Also I looked at that guide and I didn't understand what to do on this part "delete data.bin and rename Twilight3.4.bin to data.bin before"

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    That's another problem I can't even find the .elf file. :S

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    Ok, I got the channel installed.

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    Hi lance, i have the same problem same with you too. since you able to solve your problem, would you kindly help me too? I have the 3.4u version, i have did everything the web taught me but i still getting the boot.dol not found and unable to load hence hang.

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    can anyone help me? i followed each and every steps in the dummy guide but i still getting the error msg saying failed to read boot.elf (-1)! No code found to load, hanging.

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    I once had this even though the file was on the root of the sd card

    I used the sd formatter 2.0 to completely format my card, once I copied everything over it worked 1st go. It may not work for you, But its worth a shot right?

    heres a link to download the software, The download link is at the bottom of that page.

    SD Memory Card Formatting Software | SD/SDHC Memory Card | Digital AV | Consumer Products | Support | Panasonic Global


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