As the screenshots of FIFA by Electronic Arts on the PS Vita have been released, the features are now a main topic to get down to. With the launch of the PlayStation Vita early next year in the UK and USA, although Japan will get it in the middle of December this year, the new FIFA Football game on the portable system will be a talking point in relation to the many handhelds and the world of mobile phone games.
Pastapadre have composed a detailed list concerning the available features given. The touchscreen options, online gaming and Be-a-Pro career mode are just a few features that will enhance the FIFA game experience more so than playing on the iPhone, although the difference in game price may be a big factor for discussion. Will the gap between $40 and $7 be made up in the difference of value? The features presented by FIFA on the Vita contain HD graphics along with the biggest extensive features EA have created on a portable device.
Containing the physics-based technology as that of the FIFA gameplay on PS3, players can get involved in a 360 fight for possession changing physical play from individual lateral jostling to full 360 tussles with different players. Head-to-Head Online is a great way to compete with a friend and the Training Mode will give users the complete source of practice for those big games. This game has 8 modes to choose from, including fifty different competitions to challenge.
Multi-touch screens are ideal and make the most out of the front and back giving users an individual feel. The old way of hitting the ball and praying it goes in has come a long way with touch screen shooting. This enables the user to curve the ball by doing the same with their finger, thus improving your free kick situations curling it around the wall. Passing and creating positions are more precise for that final build up.
The HD graphics produce amazing player models and animations and there is also the option to control a certain defender using a tap on the individual to activate rather than pressing buttons until you get the right one. Playing as the goalkeeper will give users the opportunity to go on and make those crowd-pleasing saves, punching balls out, diving to the shots and keeping a clean sheet while completing achievements
Distributing the ball through touchscreen passing can be ideal for those pin point through balls along with lobbing and shooting. The Career Mode allows the user to play or manage including starting as a real or made up player. Compete for the side you support and get into the national team with your own creation in the Be A Pro mode. The Tournament Mode contains over 50 real-world tournaments from around the world.
With over 500 officially licensed clubs, authentic stadiums and touchscreen capabilities this game has all the ideal features that FIFA fans will require. Do you know of any features that could be adapted? Maybe playing in Serie A should show ways of influencing the referee.