For many the drawback of the PS Vita is its lack of support of PSP titles, titles that players had spent their hard earned cash and time on! On Friday Sony Japan finally released a pricing list for a PSP UMD Pass system that would allow users who owned the original games to download the titles to PS Vita for a nominal fee.
To enable the transfer users will have to download a program for their PSP and then register the UMD games to their PSN accounts, to ensure that games donít get passed on between multiple users. This system then allows users to play these downloaded copies of the UMD games on their PSP or PSP Go, as well as PS Vita handhelds.
The activation price seems to range from £4 Ė £12 (500 Yen Ė 1500 Yen) and already 200 games from 40 publishers are listed. A full list in english (but with Yen prices) is available on the NeoGAF forums.

source: thegamershub