Pre-order Gift Pack includes headphones and PSN voucher codes.

Pre-order the PS Vita at selected retailers starting from November 30 and for a limited time you'll walk away with a PS Vita Gift Pack.
Pre-ordering will guarantee you a PS Vita on the February 22 launch, plus get your hands on the Gift Pack contents when you pre-order.
In Ear Headphones in 'PS Vita Blue' Branded sleek blue metallic finish in-ear PlayStation design headphones.
5 discount on one of the following PS Vita games on PlayStation Store: Little Deviants, Super Stardust Delta, Hustle Kings, Escape Plan.
Exclusive PS Vita items for PlayStation Home: PS Vita T- Shirt, Sunglasses, Headphones, Trainers and Bag.
Exclusive early access to Frobisher Says! for PS Vita.
An exclusive PS Vita Avatar for PlayStation Network.
To pre-order is simple, just follow the steps below:
  • From 30 November pre-order PS Vita at your chosen retail store by paying a deposit.
  • Take home your Gift Pack.
  • At the PS Vita launch, visit the retail store where you pre-ordered to pay the balance for your PS Vita system and start playing.
A PS Vita Gaming Wallet will also be available in selected European territories.

source: videogamer