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Thread: Wii stopped playing certain games?

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    Wii stopped playing certain games?

    Like the title states, my wii has stoped playing over half of my burnt games. The wii is connected to my network, could this have anything to do with my system not being able to play cetain games?

    I have the D2pro chip with a wii clip

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    what's your current firmware? I'm suspecting you're at the 3.3 or 3.4.

    Please check my signature for a link detailing what's contained in the 3.3/3.4 update.

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    or for less work, use IOS 51, and just patch the fake sign bug =P

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    I have the same problem just updated to version 4.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishnGlass View Post
    I have the same problem just updated to version 4.2
    See here
    if the discs you are trying that fail are region patched they no longer work on 4.2 you can play them through geckoos or bakuploaders tho

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    Thanks worked like a champ!


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