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Thread: PETA picks fight over Mario’s Tanooki Suit

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    PETA picks fight over Mario’s Tanooki Suit

    Just had to post this, how pathetic?

    PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – or rather, Prats with no ‘Effing clue about Tactful Advertising) are known for kicking their rattle out of the pram over the silliest things, like taking Seaworld to court about their use of whales using the same laws used to abolish slavery (No, I didn’t make that up). Today, PETA have decided to cry for attention at the expense of Nintendo – in particular, the recently launched Super Mario 3D Land.

    You may be thinking “Have they finally realised that Mario jumps on and kills turtles and fish – as well as fictional animals?” the answer is no. PETA have kicked up about Mario’s awesome tanooki suit, claiming that it promotes wearing fur (without even looking up the tanooki legend that shows that the creatures use a leaf – the item that causes Mario to transform into it – to use their transformation powers).

    They’ve even gone so far as to make a small game where you control a skinned tanooki chasing Mario to try and get its fur back (I shall not link to the game; PETA don’t deserve the hits). Suprisingly enough, they have yet to mention Super Mario Galaxy‘s Bee suit or 3D Land‘s Boomerang Suit (Which has a turtle shell), so I guess wearing bees and turtles is okay then?

    Now, the game they made might put them into dangerous territory, such as using Nintendo’s intellectual property without their permission and possible libel in regards to the company’s flagship character. The evil side of this writer’s mind is hoping Nintendo will respond by mentioning those details, but we all know the company is too nice and respectful to give this little baby their bottle.

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    Lol. How pathetic! I think maybe people should worry about people without food or water before we worry about Mario wearing fur!

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    everybody needs a purpose in life... I think they found theirs lol!

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    I was hopping to find in my quick google search that tanooki mario came out before PETA was established but no luck

    Quote Originally Posted by from mario wiki
    Tanooki Mario
    Used on Mario, Luigi, Toad
    Power(s) Given Turn into statue, fly for a bit, and spin (Super Mario 3D Land)
    First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)
    Latest Appearance Super Mario 3D Land (2011)
    Quote Originally Posted by PETA wiki
    Founder(s) Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Pacheco
    Type 501(c)(3)
    Founded March 1980
    Location Norfolk, Virginia
    Focus Animal rights
    Revenue $34 million in 2009


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