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Thread: wbfs games how to load to hardrive

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    wbfs games how to load to hardrive

    i use wbfs manager 3.0 when i download a iso file i can transfer to harddrive with wbfs manager but ive downloaded a few games that are already wbfs format how do i load those to hardrive when i try to grab and just drop with computer it tells me i have to formatt hardrive to be able to use it im lost on this one and wbfs manager dont recognize files that are already wbfs

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    sorry dude you probably won't get any help here downloading games

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    no i dont need help downloading i just need to know once i download a wbsf file how to transfer to hd

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    you have a funny hat

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    Last time i checked Wii games were not for sale via download in ISO format (Wii ware being the exception if done through the channel) this would point the finger straight to piracy... you will probably not receive any support...
    Problem with this place is the tutes are that damn good that one could end up not learning as deep as they should... Dont just rely on the tutorials understand your Wii...

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    I have the CDs was trying to make backups but I figured it out mod please delete thread


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