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Thread: Before firmware downgrade

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    Before firmware downgrade

    I just want to check with you guys if I understand the guides and threads here correct.

    Wii with D2Pro-chip.

    I want to run wiiware and VC games from SD card
    I want to run backup disks easy, without having to boot then in a homebrew

    - Downgrade to firmware 3.2 with this guide 3.1-3.4 Twilight/Downgrade/Starfall/GammaTutorial
    - Install mii channel update + ios 50, and shop channel!
    - Install Ios 38, 53, 55

    1. Have I understand this correctly or is there an easier way for us with chip?

    2. Do I even need GeckoOS? For what?

    Just before I start downgrade...

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    not really its for force booting games, and cheating

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    The modchip makes the homebrew channel easier if you're at the 3.2 firmware. There's a stand-alone installer for that. If you're not at the 3.2 and have a modchip, you can use a copy of Zelda, not an original. Otherwise ... that's about it.

    Gecko OS really helps with out-of-region games that just don't work properly. You can force boot all kinds of settings (PAL, NTSC, 50MHz, 60MHz, etc). It doesn't hurt to have it at all.

    Otherwise, looks like you're good to go.

    Helpful Threads:
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    Thanks for the fast answers.
    lets go then. Ill post here how it works out.


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    Almost full success

    I have now downgraded and installed the components listed.

    I have installed some Wiiware and VC.

    But I have issues with VC. The screen is blinking after I start the game. It stops if I press menu (home) button but it returns to blinking if I go back to the game again.

    Only one game worked, is was Super Mario 2 Lost levels. All the others, SMB3, Kid Icarus, SMB, had the blinking issue.

    Im running a PAL system with component cable.

    Anyone know what it is and maybe how to solve it?

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    try installing Cios 37

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    try installing Cios 37
    I though it was included in cIOS installer, but Ill give it a try.



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