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Thread: Cant run games off hdd

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    Cant run games off hdd

    Hi Folks

    I have soft modded my Wii 4.3E using the brilliant mauifrog Guide :-) nall works a treat but i have a few questions regarding running off a usb hdd :-)

    1: can you run games off a usb penstick hdd ? or does it have to be a full usb hdd with a power cable or can a standalone hdd which uses the usb as a power source.

    im using cfgloader which shows on the home screen but only runs when i have the sd card with the app on there inserted .... how can i run games off another sdcard ?

    hope it all makes sense ! lol

    thanks in advance


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    I'm running a game off a 2 GB USB stick just fine. There's really no difference.

    All I did was format to FAT32 with the Lexar USB utility.
    Then load up Wii Backup Manager.
    Pick drive 1 and set it to your USB drive letter.
    It will ask you to create a WBFS folder. Say yes.
    No need to format it with this program.
    So simply just go ahead and add your game file as usual and transfer it over to the drive.


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