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Thread: Banner Brick - Can't start homebrew channel from preloader

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    Banner Brick - Can't start homebrew channel from preloader


    I have a 4.1 wii that was softmoded couple years ago. A lot of new games are not working now so I decided to upgrade. I followed the "Guide: Softmod ANY Wii" (only the upgrade portion) from this forum and installed IOS58 and IOS61. I had old version of hbc 0.6 so I reinstall the newer version from hackmii 0.8. Not sure if that ruined my wii.

    Everything seems installed ok. But after I exit from the new version of hbc, I got the System file corrupted error.

    I was able to boot to preloader, but when I try to start hbc, I got "Error booting HBC maybe title not installed". I tried to load my old hackmii back by copying boot.elf from my old hackmii v06 to SD root folder and load the file from preloader, then I got "couldn't find a vulnerable IOS" error.

    Now I'm stuck. I searched through the site and understand there are some ways to recover form banner brick. But every method seems need homebrew channel to work first.

    Can someone please help me with my situation?

    ps. I think my wii has the bootmii installed too, not sure if it's boot2 or IOS. Since I can't boot to bootmii, I assume it's bootmii IOS which won't help at all. Please Help!

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    Download MMM from HERE and follow the instructions for putting it on your sd card. In priiloader load/install it, then select installed file - MMM should load.
    Use the wad manager to install IOS60, IOS70, and System Menu-NUS-4.1 from mauis modpack - make sure you are using the one from your region. Then try rebooting your wii.

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    Your not supposed to exit hbc in the guide.
    Extract this to sd:\
    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFireoad it in preloader, hbc will load
    Complete the guide.
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    Thank you all! I knew I must have done something I'm not supposed to do. The HBC-Forwarder did the job. Now I'm back in business. Thanks again!!!

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    Thanks for the HBC Forwarder needed it for Prilloader couldn't find one in the past. I didn't brick my wii just that i was tired of going on bootmii all the time or launching HBC through launching the title.
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