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Thread: USB Loader GX freezes once a game is selected

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    USB Loader GX freezes once a game is selected

    Hello everyone,

    I have been recently trying to get my COD Black Ops to work. I downloaded and installed cIOS249 [57 Base] Rev 19 (IOS249) using my SD card and Wad Manager 1.7. After doing so, I exited out and went to USB Loader GX. I made sure the load option was on IOS249. After that, I tried to select my copy of Black Ops from my hard drive. That's when USB Loader froze. No matter what game I select, it always freezes right when you select one. What could be going on?

    Never mind! I unplugged the wii and hdd for a couple seconds and started them back up. Now everything works!!!!! Hell Yeah!!!

    Wait.....It just froze on me again.....why?
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    Hopefully the OP found the Black ops guide by now. LOL.


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