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Thread: neek2o, Enhanced Uneek Setup

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    neek2o, Enhanced Uneek Setup

    neek2o is an enhancement of Crediar's Sneek project that has a number of new features:

    - It can launch backup games in wbfs format from a fat32 formatted drive.
    - It can use an emulated nand in a subfolder of the drive, and not only on the root of it.
    - It can switch from one emulated nand to another on the fly. So you can run a game in it's own
    region nand.
    - It has Uneek_usb_fs support. This means that homebrew can have usb access again with minor modifications,
    using the isfs filing system.
    - It can cooperate with bootmii. It doesn't launch automatically every time on a bootmii as boot2 wii.
    - It's prepared for an usb only setup. In the near future, you wan't need a sd card anymore to use it.

    For the noob's reading this, a little more explanation.

    The wii contains an internal 512Mb nand chip that can be seen as the harddisk of a pc. It contains the
    operating system of the wii and other files like gamesaves.

    If something serious goes wrong with the wii operating system files, it's sometimes difficult to fix the issue.
    A pc can be booted from a cd/dvd or an usb stick to fix things, but the wii doesn't have this luxury. In worst case
    the flash disk needs to be reprogrammed with an external programmer. Deadly Foez is the specialist for this type of
    repairs. A very important thing you need is the backup of your working nand, or at least the keys that are used to encrypt
    that nand. Without those, your wii can become an expensive doorstop or paperweight.

    Sneek and Uneek redirect the internal nand flash read and write operations to the wii sd card or usb disk.
    Sneek uses the sd card and Uneek uses the harddisk. If something goes wrong, you can restore the nand folders on your sd card or
    your harddisk with a pc, and things are running again. The DI module that comes with uneek replaces the original one that reads
    games from a game disc, and reads the game data from the harddisk as well. So, it's possible to place a backup of your game on
    your harddisk and run it.

    The original nand flash only has a size of 512Mb. The emulated nand on harddisk can be several Gigabytes in size. So, you don't have
    to erase gamesaves anymore to be able to install VC/Wiiware on your wii.


    -Size of nand not limited to 512Mb
    -Very brick safe as the original nand and it's ios aren't touched.
    -Very good compatibility with VC and Wiiware. Some claim 100%
    -Very good compatibility with Games.

    Con's that are solved or will be solved:

    -Can't cooperate with bootmii on real nand.
    -No homebrew usb access.
    -Special game format. Games need to be extracted.
    -HBC isn't running on it.

    Con's that still exist:

    -is a little slower than real nand as the drive acces itself is slower.
    -some harddisks don't work very well with it.
    -appears difficult to setup in the beginning.

    Download the files
    Source- custom-di - nand emulation - Google Project Hosting


    Crediar for his wonderfull sneek package.
    Overjoy for all the work and time he spent on it. He designed the framework for di wbfs support.
    Xflak for supporting it in modmii and his help upon taking the last hurdles.
    GiantPune for showing us the magic in bootmii ios, and even working it out when we failed to do so.
    Scooby74029 for his support and attempts to fix problems.
    Stfour for supporting it in postloader and letting us use priibooter as launch framework.
    JoostinOnline for his artwork (I hope his book is finished by now..)
    All our testers that supported us on irc. Not always with positive announcements :-)
    Wintermute for his free development packages.
    Nintendo for their cheap piece of hardware that is part of our hobby.
    Many many others, from which we picked source code or simply ideas...Sorry for all those I forgot.

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    Hello Red_Gh0st,You might want to scratch the following, because NEEK2O reads WBFS format, although there are still 0,5% problematic games left but it is still worked on:Con's that are solved or will be solved:-Special game format. Games need to be extracted.GreetzEtheboss

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    hi Could you post a HOW to do it guide? There were about 9 files on the download link and I didn't see any read me. Maybe start a thread on how to get it to work. Thanks

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    obcd, one of this project's maintainers is going to write some instructions for this soon.

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    what files should i download??? i would like to get emulated nand and also whats better sneek or this??

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    I've written an installation tutorial on this subject. Where would be the best place to post it. In this thread or on the main board

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    The sibmit articles/tutorials forum.

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    I might have to try this. I couldnt get postloader to work, and when I tried sneek and uneek in the past I had success getting both of them to work. i just never went with it and kept my setup of systemmenuX, mighty channels and usb config and the hc. Loosk like this might be a go again. Maybe I'll tinker with it and see what comes about.

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    Not sure if this is in the right thread or not. I'm having problems installing uneek+di (did everything through ModMii).
    I'm using: a softmodded Wii on 4.3u
    HBC v1.0.7
    ModMii v.4.8.2
    MMM v13.4
    Priiloader v0.7
    BootMii as an IOS (can't load as boot2)
    says boot2 version 4

    I've got the sneek channel installed on the system menu, but when I try to load it I get "Exception (DSI) occurred!" (I can't really make out all of it as it appears to be in 8bit or something and the bottom of each line of text is cut off).

    I have a 1TB HDD which I initially tried to install this on (formatted as 3 partitions 700 GB wbfs, 220GB NTFS, and 11.5GB Fat32) without success, so I tried again using a fresh 1GB SD card and 8GB USB stick.
    I renamed the files bootmiineek>bootmii, usb/sd:\sneek\kernel.bin>usb/sd:\sneek\boot2_usb and replaced the modmii created nand files with my bootmii created nand ones.

    I'm at a loss... should I try again with the modmii created files? or does it have something to do with the fact that my bootmii is an IOS? or have I just overlooked a step or something?

    Here are my file structures:


    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Remember your fat 32 partition must be the first partition on your disk or it will not be recognized

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