Hi there and thanks for looking to generously answer some questions from a Wii modding noob and generally tech illiterate person.

I live in S. Korea and I have a Korean modded Wii which I'm not sure (actually theres alot of things i'm not sure of) if it's soft or hard(lol..). I tried to get a basic foundation of modding a wii by reading these threads




but am still unsure of some things

The thing is, this Wii was given to me from a dad's friend maybe 3 years ago (which I haven't touched till recently), and my friend is planning to give me all his Wii-games from America, and I'd like to make copy's of them.

On the homescreen there are 2 icons that don't seem to be part of the 'original' or 'out of the box' programs. They are,

Homebrew Channel
which has Gamecube linux, Gecko Region Free, Scumm VM, Tetriss WiiWad manager v.121, Wii 64
and when I press the Home button, the version of the Hombrew Channel seems to be "beta 8"
Gecko OS
Which has options for Launch Game, Config Options, Rebooter Options, About, and Exit OS
Theres sub text which reads "Press B to Launch Rebooter" at the bottom of all the aforementioned options.
Version reads Gecko OS 1.07b

And that seems about all I can notice
Can anyone tell me if i met the requirement to play burnt games or games off a USB?
Any sort of suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated