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Thread: PLEASE Help! HBC no longer reading from HDD after updating!

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    Unhappy PLEASE Help! HBC no longer reading from HDD after updating!

    I updated HBC when the notification came up and now when it loads, it doesn't load any of the apps on the hdd (I don't use an SD card at all). Can anyone help? I've searched the forum for two days now, so if I've missed where this has been addressed before, I'm truly sorry!

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    Press 1 (i think) and change the setting to use the usb instead of sd.

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    That brings up the menu I need, but running the wiimote over the options doesn't do anything, ie doesn't highlight them or buzz or anything. Right now it lists read sources as SD, then USB, then the Geckos on the next line. Is there a way to change the "boot" order?

    never mind. I disconnected, then reconnected my hdd and now it shows as an option, but the light on the hdd is going nuts and nothing shows up on hbc. I'm fairly certain my hdd has tanked.
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