I have a chip in the kids Wii console.
Did this a long time ago, don't remember witch chip it was.
But it involved soldering, and there is a flat cable connector sticking out of the console for upgrading the chip.
This was done to backup the kids games on HDD, as they usually manage to destroy any optical media within days

Anyway, some of the latest games we got them we were not able to load from the HDD.
We had to use the DVDs.
Now two of the Guitar Hero disks don`t work any more cause of scratches.
And the other day I think someone ran a system update or something, as now I can not start any games from HDD.

So basically I`m starting over again.
Therefor I need some good tips from you guys that are up to date on this stuff.

- Do I need to update my chip, is there any point?
- What is the best HDD game loader now (that loads most games without hassle)?