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Thread: which verbatim dvd's should I buy to load my backups?

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    which verbatim dvd's should I buy to load my backups?

    I did not know where to post it so I posted in newbie forum because I am a newbie.

    I am currently looking at Amazon's selection of Verbatim DVD's.
    I am looking for Verbatim because that is the most recommended for loading and playing your backups.

    If you find the one that is most recommended, can you please just give me the amazon link or you can tell me which dvd as well.
    Dual layer or regular?
    Thanks for the help.

    here is the link to verbatim

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    If you search the guides i'm sure you will find the recommended list (Verbatim DVD-R ) IMG burn at 4x

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    Avoid the sub-labeled "Life" series, they're junk (CMC MAG mediacode and not Azo Dye products). Make sure the pack says "Azo Dye."


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