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Thread: Step-by-step guide to setting up a SMB Share on PC for WiiMC?

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    Step-by-step guide to setting up a SMB Share on PC for WiiMC?

    I'm having problems setting up my SMB Share for WiiMC... First off, I have never tried to share anything before through SMB, so I wanted to put that out there. This is what I have done so far. I left my "homegroup" and I put a folder on my desktop called "SMB Share" and I allowed "everyone" in the user group setting to have read access. I go to the settings>network>add smb share on wiiMC and I put in my local ip address, guest as the username with no password... I am confused as to what "Share Name" is referring to... is this the name of the folder I made? do I put my directory assignment in, such as "file://LAZERORCA-PC/Users/LazerOrca/Desktop/SMB%20Share"? I have tried putting several thing into the "Share Name" slot of which I thought would make sense and I still keep getting a connection error. Do I have to have a local static ip address to do this or am I fine with DHCP?

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    Share name = the name of the folder you are sharing, it is case sensitive. If you are not sharing the folder with the movies in it, then right click on the folder and select share from the dropdown. You also must set up an internet connection in the Wii settings.


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