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Thread: I have a hacked wii my friend doesn't is there a way to burn disc from iso

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    I have a hacked wii my friend doesn't is there a way to burn disc from iso

    I have a hacked wii that I always just play iso games from a USB drive with a WBFS partition. Is there an easy way or any way for that matter that I can put these on a disc but a disc that will play in a regular non-hacked wii? I would assume the ISOs have have to be converted to format the regular woo can recognize? But then what after that? Sorry I would do some more research but this forum is so FULL of info it's hard to weed out what ur looking for in a pinch if u know what I mean...maybe someone can point me to a howto guide/tutorial. Not sure what firmware my wii is i hacked it a while ago I will check when I get home & post back.


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    Yeah sorry bout that I'm Carlie I got my wii Xmas 2009,joined the forum in June 2010. I think it was by direction of guides on here that I was able to successfully soft mod my wii in about 6 hrs...I have also soft modded other devices like my psp and fully jailbroken my iPhone 4 and iPad 1. When I finally successfully got a game running with dx loader @ about 11pm I was psyhced. But I since have only played it sporadically. I totally forget what was involved in the process of hacking it, but I could do it again if I wanted to would just have to read again.

    So I know once you have the iso game u can either run off USB hard drive loading the game with a USB loader. I'm not sure if you can just burn the iso to disc to run it on a hacked psp, but what I wanted to do is burn the game, making it playable on a non-modded/hacked psp. I guess you could think of it as a reverse disc dump
    maybe? I just brought my whole wii system to my friends house tonight but if this is possible it would avoid me having to do that in the future, it's just extra weight on my back lol. Sry I'm not a total newb but still very ametuer.

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