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Thread: need help with wad manager

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    need help with wad manager

    Hi guys im trying to setup wad manager to update some stuff just wanted to know how the sd card should look and what i need to have on it? thanks for the help

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    You need to create a folder called wad... All your wads go in that..

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    Help Please

    Hello I'm Junkos and i need assistance with wad manager i'm a noob ill admit it but my problem is that when i want to install wads on my wii which i used smash stack to hack it also i tried installing cios but it wont let me do it my firm ware version is 4.3u and my error message is the ret 2011 if anyone can help with this situation plz feel free to pm me at my utube account KIG869 Thank you For your time

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    You should follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide in order to properly mod your wii.


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