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Thread: Anyone have a guide to re-doing my SD card?

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    Anyone have a guide to re-doing my SD card?

    I had a softmod on my 4.3u wii, and I was running usb loader gx just fine. Then someone LOST my SD card. T_T Now I have no options on the homebrew channel, and USB loader will open, then close and go back to the menu right away. I have a new memory card, but I am hopelessly lost as to where to start. Please tell me I don't have to virginize then start over....I think I'd cry.

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    You don't have to virginize. Just re-download USB Loader GX (Get HERE), unzip it. You'll see an app folder, copy this app folder directly onto your SD Card. Disregard the wad folder since you have the channel already. Then, you can re-insert the SD Card into the Wii then launch the channel.


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