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Thread: backup manager

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    backup manager

    Just trying to figure out the Wii backup manager. First, I'm not sure if this program should reside on my external HD or on my PC? Currently I'm using of my PC and have mapped my EXT FAT32 partition (Use a NTFS partition to store movies) So I can grab a a game through file menu in backp manager and import it to mapped partition on external HD. I can also get covers downloaded, but they don't transfer to the HD. When I use USB loader all the game cases still come up blank. The games work fine. Just wondering how to get these covers so they show up in USB loader menu? I did a quick look for some sort of tutorial on the backup manager and couldn't find any helpful links. Any one have a tutorial for this program?

    I hooked my Wii back to the wireless and dloaded the covers that way. Still seems that there should be some way of doing this when loading the games on the External Hardrive with backup manager...
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